Nebraska Association

for Healthcare Quality, Risk,

and Safety

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In January 2008 the Heartland Risk Managers Society (HRMS) and the Nebraska Association for Healthcare Quality (NEAHQ) merged to form a non-profit corporation; NAHQRS.

HRMS had a formal association with ASHRM until the merger and that association continued with NAHQRS until 2018 when NAHQRS could no longer meet ASHRM association criteria.

NEAHQ had a formal association with NAHQ; NAHQRS continues that association with NAHQ.

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The Mission of NAHQRS

The Mission of NAHQRS is to develop and empower healthcare quality, risk and safety professionals to advocate for and improve patient care in Nebraska.

AS OF RIGHT NOW, MEETINGS WILL be virtual via zoom.  WE ARE HOPING FOR INPERSON MEETINGS THIS FALL.  Please see our Telehealth page for more information

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