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Nebraska Nursing Foundation (NNF)

Nursing License Plate Information

NE Nurse License Plate Application and Application Instructions
Thank you for your interest in the new Nebraska Center for Nursing Foundation License Plate.

We applaud your willingness to proudly display a license plate that honors such a vital profession. We have over 250 NE nurses interested! IMPORTANT: Please carefully read instructions and review the application examples included. Any deviation from the following instructions will result in a rejection of your application. Note: Even though the application (p. 4 of this document) states to send your application and check to the DMV, do not do that. Only send your hand written application and check to Linda Hughes, NCFNF Treasurer as directed below. We must follow a different process for our very first order of license plates. The cost is $77.00, not $70.00 like the application form states; please write your check for $77.00 not for $70.00 to Linda Hughes, NCFNF Treasurer. This one-time $7.00 will directly support the Nebraska Center for Nursing Foundation's promotion of nursing.
STEP 1:  Complete the application (p. 4), using the display example as a guide. All fields are required. Be sure to check the appropriate box for "Vehicle Information," and whether vehicle is leased. VIN and Title Number can be found on the vehicle's title. Date and sign in the space provided on the applications first page.

STEP 2: An initial Payment of $77.00 must be included with the application. Payment is being collected by the Nebraska Center for Nursing Foundation; once the minimum number of applications are received, applications will be delivered to the Nebraska DMV. Check payable to: Linda Hughes, NCFNF Treasurer, 912 Shady Tree Lane, Papillion NE, 68046

Send your completed application with payment to: Linda Hughes, NCFNF Treasurer 912 Shady Tree Lane Papillon Nebraska 68046 Applications and payments sent directly to the Nebraska DMV will not be processed. For questions, review the following Frequently Asked Questions or contact Lina Bostwick @ 

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